Monday, June 6, 2011

GBE2-Lost And Found: Help From The Other Side

Some folks may not believe in the After Life, but frankly, I don't care. All one can do is share what has happened to them and let others accept or deny. It's up to the individual.... So read on and take this as you want.....

It's been many years since my great uncle died. I wasn't married yet and had come home from college for a brief visit, mostly to help out my great aunt and my parents. There weren't many family members left on my mother's side, so this was particularly hard for her.

What was adding to the difficulty was that my 89 year old great uncle had died before telling anyone where his life insurance policy paperwork was.  The man didn't believe in banks or bank deposit boxes and the majority of his estate was in that insurance policy. 

By the time I'd arrived home from college, my parents had stepped in and paid for the funeral and Uncle Charlie was buried. But things were still not settled. My mother's aunt, (my great aunt Harriet) was in a panic. She had been going through every room in her house searching for the paperwork for the Life Insurance Policy.  Granted, the house was paid for, but Aunt Harriet's future income depended on the insurance because Uncle Charlie's pension was being cut off and  Social Security payments were a joke.

As I walked into my great aunt and uncle's home, I was overwhelmed with the unsettled disarray throughout the place.  My mother and Aunt Harriet were upstairs going through drawers and files in Uncle Charlie's office which was next to the master bedroom.  The room was turned topsy turvy, papers stacked side by side in rows which at least allowed for people to walk through. They'd gone through the bedroom and guest room too.

Wading over piles and stacks of books, files, and papers I headed to their bedroom. I looked up at a large gold framed photo of my great aunt and uncle that was taken when they were very young and very happy. The photo was black and white, but she was wearing a long light shimmery dress which matched her blonde hair, and he wore what was considered a "summer suit" back then. 

There was so much chaos happening (both physically and emotionally) that after a half hearted offer from me to help was declined, I very happily made my escape.

Since I had only arrived home that day after an 8 hour flight from the East Coast, I was exhausted and sank thankfully into my childhood bed as soon as I got home. As I slipped into sleep I sent out a thought into the universe to my Uncle Charlie, " Please show them where the papers are...Please?"

My sleep was long and hard, and when I groggily stumbled out of bed the next day, there was a vague memory of having Uncle Charlie in my dreams.  The clock on the night stand said it was almost noon!

I called out while tumbling down the stairs to the kitchen, "Mother!.... Mother?"

She smiled up at me, pouring a cup of coffee. 

"Mother! I know I dreamed of Uncle Charlie but I can't remember it!"

"I thought so. And since he couldn't get through to you, He came to me instead."

My mother continued smiling but looked down at her coffee cup.  This was something we never openly discussed, but was something we quietly shared together. I clamped my lips together and waited for her to continue.

"Uncle Charlie solved the mystery and told us where to find the life insurance policy." Mother's gray eyes sparkled.  I knew from my gut what she was going to say next.  "I ran over to Aunt Harriet's house first thing this morning and sure enough, it was taped to the back of the big photo of them with gold frame, just as he described."

I let out a big sigh and nodded.  There was no reason to say anything more.


  1. What an amazing story. I love it!


  2. That's so neat, Maryann! I had a similar experience with one of my aunts---beautiful! Love never dies!

  3. Wonderful story, Maryann! You know that I'm a believer and I've shared with you the experience I had with my mom. In my heart, I know that there is much more than merely what we see and experience here.

  4. Having experienced connections to the afterlife, I believe you. Sometimes it takes having an afterlife experience before you believe that you can have an afterlife experience.

    Theresa Wiza
    My latest GBE 2 post:

  5. Maryann, this was a great share! I for one believe...and how cool that you and your mom were visited by your Uncle Charlie. At least he knew to keep trying until one of you got the message!!

    Living with my Grandparents when my Grandfather died, my Grandmother "talked" to him for weeks after he passed. She needed his military paperwork and birth certificate, and some other things. She finally got it out of him where it was...and when she found the "door" in the closet floor she was fascinated that he'd made a hiding place below the floor boards and stuck the safe down in there. She would have NEVER found it if she hadn't talked to him on a regular basis after he passed away.

    Come to think of whole family talked to him after he passed, except me, the 8 year old terrified of why people were talking to the dead. I'll save that one for later :)

    Cheers, Jenn.

  6. Wow, this story is so cool!! I definitely do believe that those we have lost can communicate with us if needed through dreams and circumstances! Awesome!! I have experienced things like this with my own parents after they died.


  7. They help us when they can, and if we are willing to listen. Lovely story, Maryann. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. You know my feelings on this Ma : )
    I'm sure had he not gotten through to your mom, you would have been back at his house and the photo would have caught your attention a second time ; )
    Thank you for sharing (((hugs)))