Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Every Morning!  My life is filled with "expectations".....from dozens of four footed members of our "family"....oh, and from a two footed one.  Shall I give you an example?

It's Monday and the alarm clock goes off at 6 a.m.  (My clock's expectation is to have its head smashed in.)  And since it's a school day, my 8th grader shrinks under her covers in the expectation of my "cheerful" warning of, "First Call!".....knowing that at 6:10, she'd better get serious about getting up and dressed for the 6:30 a.m. school bus.

Once the school bus is gone, the expectations begin from our four footed friends........ (How do they know???)

Ella, our miniature donkey begins to bray.

Escapade and El Dorado, two of our stallions pound at the metal paneled gate that separates them (just outside of our bedroom window).

Larry pours himself a cup of coffee, and there's Taffy, our 26 year old Shetland,  spying at him from her paddock which happens to have a perfect view right into our kitchen. He pretends not to see her, but she nickers in expectation.  She knows what buttons to push.

The moment I begin pouring grain into the feed bucket, I hear the rustle of expectation (and impatience) coming from the group of mares and foals outside the barn door.  It's hard not to look because I know I'll see a half dozen furry little noses poking up and over the sliding gate.

By 11:00 a.m. the barn chores are done. I head for the house with five dogs and four cats racing to the back door ahead of me in expectation.  They all know that now it's THEIR turn to be fed.  Each one of them tells me how excited they are for their favorite time of the day.

Every day it's Expectations and a Celebration.